Non-commercial farming in Scotland

This is an approach to farming where agricultural activities are primarily undertaken for personal or recreational reasons, rather than as a major source of household income.  In 2006, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors estimated that up to 46% of agricultural land sales in the UK were for residential, rather than commercial farm use.  In Scotland, we are studying small-scale farms of different types:  small-holding, hobby farming, diversified farms, crofts and horse-culture.  Through analysis of census statistics and interviews with key informants, we will assess the prevalence of small-scale farming, and how common these different types are in Scotland.  We are also undertaking a study focusing in a single parish in north east Scotland, to assess the range of landholding types within a small geographic region.

Some of the findings from the Aberdeen team's research iis available here (What is happening on Scotland's smalll 'farms'?) and here. (Lifestyle land management in Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

Highland cow on a non-comercial farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (Courtesy of Lee-Ann Sutherland)