Santorini quality wine production

Farmers in Santorini (Thira) and Thirasia are pruning their vines in a particular way, resulting in a unique agricultural landscape. Turbanisation is a the main pressure exerted on the vineyard landscape. Thanks to private and cooperative initiatives, the wine production of the island has improved in quality since the 1990s, with three Designation of origin of superior quality wines. 

Almost all winemakers have their installations accessible to visitors. Wine touring and tasting has been established as part of the ‘Santorini experience’ for visitors. Santorini is now one of the main tourist attractions of the Cyclades. Part of the attractiveness of the island can be attributed exactly on this agricultural landscape, an integral part of this unique volcanic geomorphology.


Traditional vineyard in Santorini (Photo courtesy of Emi Tsakalou, June 2008)