New forms of direct marketing of food

Research on new form of direct food marketing is focused on the newly established farmers’ markets. Tradition of the markets where farmers offer their own products has experienced new impetus in 2010 due to the active participation of  consumers groups. In 2011 farmers markets existed in more than 200 locations throughout the country. The initiative has a large market share, however it brings significant social impacts, because it changes the way people view and think about food. Due to this initiative Czech consumers have discovered new definition of food quality, different from the conventional view on food sold in large retail chain stores. Due to the fact that  farmers’ market were launched as a result of (consumer-)civic engagement, the initiative represent an unique case of transition. The case study draws on extensive qualitative inquiry, which is primarily based on in-dept interviews with organizers of the farmers’ markets (NGO’s), farmers, representatives of local authorities and policy makers. Regional aspects of sustainability have been studied with a particular focus on Plzen Region.


Fresh vegetable and dairy products from local producers bought at the Pilsen farmers' market, Czech Republic

(Courtesy of ENVIC, o.s.)