The first stage of research - The initiatives

The first stage of research - The initiatives

Field research was conducted in the seven partner countries, with three case studies of specific ‘initiatives’ (inlcuding new approaches to agricultural production, marketing, organization or land management including energy production, countyside consumption, new forms of governance, farmers collaboration, new marketing channels, high nature value farming and reducing the environmental impact of farming) undertaken in each country.

The case studies were selected in sets of three, such that seven ‘clusters’ containing similar cases were studied across the seven study countries. More information is available on this research here

Information on the initiatives and the clusters is presented below. 

Energy Production

Team Lead: UK 

Countryside Consumption

Team lead: Portugal 

New Forms of Governance

Team lead:  Czech Republic 

Farmer Collaboration

Team lead:  Germany 

Alternative Marketing Channels

Team Lead: France 

High Nature Value Farming

Team Lead:  Bulgaria 

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Farming

Team Lead: Greece